Stuck At Home Because Of COVID-19?

We are happy to announce that because so many people are stuck at home because of the COVID-19 virus world wide, we partnered up with SeeMyBucks to offer everyone a 50% off discount while its going around.

We all are not happy with everything that is going on from the US and outward. So if you have to be at home, at least you can now get discounted amateur porn, to keep you busy.

Here is a list of sites offering the 50% off discount!  (most popular) (very popular) (very popular)

If a porn site isn’t your thing, you can still keep at a safe distance from catching Covid-19 by watching girls cum and help them while chatting with them.


We hope everyone will do their best to practice healthy precautions and also hope anyone who is affected by the virus only deals with mild cases and gets better as soon as possible.


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